International Humanitarian Heroes

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Humanitarian Heroes

Ted Schweitzer or Theodore Schweitzer

Between the last month of 1979 and the first months of 1982, Schweitzer made at least two dozen trips to Koh Kra saving 1250 refugees. In 1983, he founded the private humanitarian organisation South East Asia Rescue Foundation to assist the Indochinese refugees Founder at SEA Rescue Inc Southeast Asia Specialist at United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees. Read more

The Cap Anamur

In 1979 amidst the rising number of Vietnamese boat people fleeing Vietnam in unseaworthy crafts, Christel and Rupert Neudeck, together with a group of friends, formed the committee "A ship for Vietnam" to rescue the refugees. The group and chartered for the rescue mission the freighter Cap Anamur, named after a cape off the Turkish coast. Read more

USS SAN JOSE AFS-7 Johnny Johnson crew member

We got an email from Mr Johnny who care enough to share with us all the photos from USS AFS-7 rescues. He taking his time to digital the small pictures and send them to me

Johnny quote: "Served aboard ship. We rescued 46 Vietnamese refugees the first time, they were in terrible shape. Treated, hydrated, and made comfortable for the trip to Singapore. Second time was 20 Jan. 1980 rescued 55 souls and once again believe went to Singapore. I don't know if you are aware but the ship put together a small cruise book that has several pictures of the rescue and individuals etc. Didn't know if your or another site would be interested in including them. Not for sure if I can adequately scan, perhaps reproduce by taking a digital pics and downloading. Thought you might be interested. John".Read more

Here are Mr Johnson's pictures

Akuna - Col. Jack Bailey

He was praised as a humanitarian who had aided thousands of Southeast Asian refugees, hailed as a hero who had given desperate people a chance to live. One missionary called him "the most genuinely compassionate man I ever met." Read more

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