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Caring Volunteers

Meredith at Singapore

Meredith involved with the Hawkins Road from the time it was opened until June 1981. The first residents of the camp were from a group who burned their boat so they would not be turned away and most of them were there at least a year. I was first involved as an expat living there when I and two other American women went to the camp to teach English to the refugees and eventually became Director of Education for the camp where volunteers taught several languages and other things necessary for their transition to host countries. I found the Singapore people very supportive of our appeals for educational materials, clothing and other needed articles. Read more

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Eleanor Stewart

I am not a refugee. I recently published my book called NOT ONLY A REFUGEE about the time I was a UNHCR volunteer in education at the first asylum camp on Palawan in 1982 and 1983.

It is 300 pages and has 78 photos, including a helicopter view of the camp. It includes stories and writings of Vietnamese people in that camp. View a selection on Amazon.com. Also, I have a blog called notonlyarefugee@blogspot.com. I will be happy to correspond with people who went through the VRC.Read more

You can buy her book at Amazon.com

Bernard Kouchner

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