Songkhla Refugee Camp 1976 - 1983

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Songkhla map

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Songkhla is a city in the Songkhla Province of southern Thailand, near the border with Malaysia.
Due to its location at the opening of the big Songkhla lake to the Gulf of Thailand, Songkhla is a fishing town and also an important harbour. It is the major seaport on the east side of the Isthmus of Kra.


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1:Front of the orginal Songkhla Children Center, Songkhla Children Center, this was our water tank, to be used for cooking and kitchen needs.

2:Innocent joy

3:Housings in Songkhla Refugee Camp. When the camp gets crowded, housings is just a tarp over a simple structure.

4:When a refugee boat is spotted out in the open sea, practically the whole camp rushed out onto the beach, waving and yelling, trying to get the attention of the boat. The big South Vietnam flag is used for this purpose. A few good swimmers would attempt to swim out to the boat.

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