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Cap Anamur

Cap Anamur

Rescue of thousands of "boat people"

Christel and Rupert Neudeck did not stand idly by. Together with friends, they founded the Committee spontaneously "A ship in Vietnam." For their bailout they chartered the freighter "Cap Anamur" - named after a Cape on the Turkish coast. Despite all predictions to this and the subsequent trips were a great success, with over 10,000 "boat people" were rescued, another 35,000 people were on board medical care.

The great popularity among the German population allowed us to keep going. That was the birth of the "Cap Anamur - German Emergency Doctors eV" Since then, we focus our work on sustainable food aid to people in Africa, Asia as well as Europe. In over 50 countries, we have been able to realize projects with the help of our donors. Numerous other tasks still lie ahead. Because of the need for humanitarian aid is unfortunately no less. But we know: you can make a difference.

The thanks should not only Rupert Neudeck, who was among others awarded in 2005 from the University of Münster with the honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Catholic Theology, and his "prominent" helpers are, but also all the doctors, technicians, logisticians, nurses and donors deserve that never be named and do not expect it, our recognition. Also, the people and their families should be thought that found in search of freedom and self-determination to rest on the seabed of the China Sea

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Courtesy of A ship for Vietnam - The Cap Anamur www.cap-anamur.org/service/über-uns

Courtesy of http://www.cap-anamur.org/service/über-uns

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