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Akuna-Colonel Jack Bailey

A Pirate ship-Thailand
Pirate ship

Many Were Saved- "Why do I do all this? I'm stupid, maybe. Nobody else wants to do it. But I'm going to help these people."

Col. Jack Bailey, a retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot. Operating on a financial shoestring, with no official sanction, he puts to sea whenever he can in a rusting 200-foot World War II hulk, S.S. Akuna II, searching for refugees and the killers who prey on them. Involved in humanitarian work for 15 years, Bailey, 59, has helped found orphanages in Vietnam and Korea, sponsored hundreds of Vietnamese refugees for resettlement in the U.S., and worked to establish the now defunct Weimar Hope Village, a resettlement center near Sacramento. "Bailey is a passionate person," says a U.N. official familiar with the refugee problem. "He doesn't sit on his duff and wait for things to happen. We have yet to see many positive results from his work, but we give him credit for trying."

That's what Air Force veterans who served under him wonder. They remember how he would lead "Bailey's Bandits" on missions of mercy to local orphanages, providing gifts for children and elbow grease to fix up decrepit facilities.
Larry Ward, the American missionary who founded the relief agency Food for the Hungry, remembers Bailey not merely as a good-hearted soul, but as a humanitarian of heroic proportions. In an authorized biography of Ward, the missionary described Bailey as "the most genuinely compassionate man I ever met."

June 01, 1985-Jack W. Bailey Sr., 68, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, died Thursday in the Lehigh Valley Hospital Center, Pennsylvania.

We got an email from Mr. Scott Adlai Stevenson who is a younger cousin of the Late Adlai Stevenson -- who was a two-time presidential candidate, ambassador of the United Nations, state Governor, Senator and Secretary of

Although , I don't consider myself a HERO I did own the AKUNA and bought it from Jack to help him out after the Vietnamese Exodus.It's a long story but was going to continue to do good with it

Anyway, Jack was the real HERO and was one of the best men you could imagine,He would give you the shirt off his back and did just that, to so many people. He was both a father figure and a brother figure to me, He was the real HERO.

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