Singapore Refugee Camp 1975 - 1996

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Singapore Boat people

If you stayed in this camp, we need your story. Any information is highly appreciated. If you see it here, we'd still like to hear from you. Corroboration is important. We will always need more information. Please email us at vt268tengah@gmail.com

List of boats known to have arrived at Singapore Refugee Camp

Boat number Arrived Hawkins Departed VN Number people Boat Story
?? 1981 ?? 50 San Jose story
?? May 14,1981 1981 54 The boat people of Tourville
GS 3859 July 16, 1982 July 9, 1982 36 Madison story
?? July 1982 ?? ?? Cetra Corona
?? ?? ?? 45 Mohawk story
?? Sept 1984 ?? 13 LNG Aquarius
?? July 1985 ?? 50 Capricorn

Most of the refugee people who came to this camp were rescued by big ships.
Between 1975 and 1979, nearly 5000 Vietnamese refugees landed in Singapore through commercial ships, who picked them up in the open seas.

Visit the Humanitarian Heroes link in this site for more information. This camp was used as a transit camp for refugees to depart Indonesia for countries that had accepted them for resettlement.

ExCampVN Chris Le 2:01am Feb 21

My name is Hung Le. I left VN along with my sister Tram Le. I was there July to November 1985. Rescued by the American vessel named Capricorn.

Mohawk Mohawk ship

an American Drill ship named: Mohawk came by, saw us and picked us up and took us all to Singapore on the night of April 9th and we were taken into the Camp the next morning.....

San Jose USS San Jose

All I knew that there two ships passed us by and decided not to pick up, but the third one, the USS San Jose, circled around us.


On a passage from Hong Kong toward Singapore, I got a call from the Watch Mate. He said, "Look out of your office window. There is a boatload of people waving at us." Boat number GS 3859
Our ship was in a position off Bombay Reef. This area was often called "Refugee Alley." It was also known for attacks by pirates in the guise of refugees.

Aquarius LNG Aquarius

We left Mui ne Phan Thiet late in September, 1984 around 11:00PM with 13 peoples on board, 4 females and 9 males on board the boat, we were 4days at sea before we got pick up by the LNG Aquarius at aproximately 10PM.

Our thanks to Huy Nguyen for this information.
Aquarius Cetra Corona

I was rescued by a French Boat called "Cetra Corona". It was a commercial vessel. We stayed at the camp in Singapore from July to October 1982, at "Nha Tre". I went to France and later was sponsored to the US.

Our thanks to Mina Uyen Nguyen for this information.
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