Pulau Bidong Refugee Camp 1978 - 1991, Malaysia

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Bidong Boat people:

If you stayed in this camp, we need your story. Any information is highly appreciated. If you see it here, we'd still like to hear from you. Corroboration is important. We will always need more information. Please email us at vt268tengah@gmail.com

Friends looking for friends
OR Your Story

From Tracy Nguyen Romulus at tracyromulus@gmail.com

Boat MH 5410. More detail at my story MH 5410. If anyone has record or information from that boat I would love to hear from anyone.

From Tam Harrell at tumbalina_5@msn.com

Boat 462. I’m looking for people on my boat from January 1082 I think boat number 462. If anyone has record or information from that boat I would love to hear from anyone.

From Huynh Nguyet at juliaraju@hotmail.fr

Boat MH4516 arrived January 1979 Pulau Bidong. My Mom was one of the boat poeple who arrived on the island of Pulau Bidong in January 1979. Actually, I am with her, seeking for some information of the boat number MH 4516 which she was on board but we couldn't find it in your website or anyway else so we decide to write to you to give you that information. We wish to come to see back that island one day.

From Lloyd Cockran at lloydacockran@yahoo.com

We are looking for a vietnamese refugee who landed in Bidong in april of 1989 . his name was Tai Phuoc Luu. if you can give us any help where we can get any type of records are list of refugees around that time we would greatly appricate it.

From Neil Ta:Toronto Based Photographer

I was born in Pulau Bidong but don't have any of the information you've requested. I can assist with recent images of Pulau Bidong (along with my story), but cannot provide historical images.

View my story.

From Chau Sang and youngest daughter, Angelica

We're looking for anybody within the boat or who lived in Pulau Bidong during:
  • November 14 1978 to July 25 1979
  • Our boat license registry is KG0473
  • And in order number, our boat was the 136th to arrive on Pulau Bidong
  • We lived in Khu 'F'

Looking for: A. Nguyen Chanh, va Co Danh - co hai nguoi em trai cung a chung mot thoi gian a trai ty nan Khu F.

View my story.

From Diem Vo Boat PB 135

Looking for any records of this boat, or any records of my family's time on the island at that time? Any information at all would be much appreciated.
  • My name is Diem and I was 6 months old when my family escaped Vietnam and arrived at Pulau bidong in 1981.
  • My father does not like talking about the past, so I can't get a lot of information from him. What I do know is, our boat number was: PB135 and we were at Pulau bidong I think in March/April 1981.
  • We were a small boat of around 12 people. Please contact me at diemvo80@hotmail.com

Thank you for your time,Kind regards, Diem Vo.

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