Pulau Bidong Refugee Camp 1978 - 1991, Malaysia

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Bidong Boat people:

If you stayed in this camp, we need your story. Any information is highly appreciated. If you see it here, we'd still like to hear from you. Corroboration is important. We will always need more information. Please email us at vt268tengah@gmail.com

Story of KG 0473

My name is Sam Chau, I was Captain Quang (Tai Cong Kon) also known as Chau Cong Sang, of the 136th boat to arrive in Pulau Bidong Refugee Camp.

We left from Rach Gia, Kien Giang, Viet Nam on November 11th 1978, landed in Terengganu on November 13th, and were brought to Pulau Bidong Camp by the Higher Commissioner for Refugees on November 14th 1978.

There were 264 people on this 136th boat. I was 23 at the time with my wife (Nguyen Thi Tuyen), two kids (baby Chau Vy Van and 2 yr old Be Long), and nephew (Pho Sang).

On Pulau Bidong, we lived on Khu 'F.' During time there, I was also on Team B of the supply chain to help carry food supplies.

We're looking for anybody within the boat or who lived in Pulau Bidong during:

  • November 14 1978 to July 25 1979
  • Our boat license registry is KG0473
  • And in order number, our boat was the 136th to arrive on Pulau Bidong
  • We lived in Khu 'F'

Submited by Chau Sang

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