Pulau Tengah Refugee Camp Malaysia

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Tengah Boat people

If you stayed in this camp, we need your story. Any information is highly appreciated. If you see it here, we'd still like to hear from you. Corroboration is important. We will always need more information. Please email us at vt268tengah@gmail.com

Friends looking for friends OR your story

Members of boat VT268

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boat people refugees refugees
Josept Lam "Lam Hoc Sanh family" Bui family Tai Lu "Mac Hai family"
My hand writing in the ID card. Anna

Other boat in Tengah

name tag to USA
I found my name tag which is wear when I left the island for the USA.

You can add it for the website Refugeecamps.net

David Ta


From Doan Lam (dreammaker@gmail.com)

MT 161. Ik zoek iemand die in was in in de camp Van Pulau Tengah geweest,en reeds terug keer naar die camp op een of andere manier. Graag informatie te ontvangen, om mijn droom waard te vervullen. " Terug naar 't verleden" Alle info en tips zijn welkom. Dank bijvoorbaat.een "boat people"
I'm looking for someone who was in at the camp of Pulau Tengah, and already returned to that camp in one way or another. I would like to receive information to fulfill my dream. "Back to the past" All info and tips are welcome. Thanks in advance.a "boat people"
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