Remembering the Vietnamese exodus

1954 Vietnam Exodus Operation 'Passage to Freedom'
1975, after the end of the Vietnam War

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Boat people:

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Vietnamese Artist

The exhibition is up and running until end of July.
10 Chancery Lane Gallery hope to see more people to come see the show and share their feelings

DinhLe Erasure

He has done an exhibition here in Hong Kong to do with boat refugees from Vietnam and We would like to invite as many people in Hong Kong to see the exhibition.

The exhibition floor is covered in 100,000 photographs of pre-1975 Vietnam. Many families lost their photos and Dinh bought these photos from second hand shops in Vietnam to look for his own family photos. The photos are now being uploaded on a website called http://www.erasurearchive.net and click on archive.

Dinh Q. Le Erasure

Dinh Q. Le left Vietnam with his family as a refugee when he was 11 years old and emigrated to the US via Thailand. He was then schooled in the US and attended University before moving back to Vietnam in the early 90s.

His artworks often deal with his memory of the Vietnam war. This work, Erasure, is the first artwork he has done confronting the issue of boat people and refugees since he became an artist. He was very moved by the video footage he saw of the boat people who crashed off Christmas Island in December 2010 and this prompted him to make this work.

He has collected more than 100,000 old photographs in second-hand shops in Vietnam and he has placed them on the floor of the exhibition. The photos are mostly pre-1975 and show a happy Vietnam, elegant and refined. The audience is meant to come and rummage through the photos and choose some to make comment. An archivist puts them on a dedicated website www.erasurearchive.net for Vietnamese from all over the world to look for their own lost family photos.

The exhibition also has a video of a 18th Century burning boat, to make the audience reflect on migrations of people throughout the centuries and what that has meant.

Read the full Press Release here.

Read the full http://www.artinfo.com/node/811388.

Visit Dinh's website at http://www.erasurearchive.net

Erasure Exhibition is open to the public every Thursday to Sunday from 12-5 pm

6/F, Chai Wan Industrial City, Phase 1

60 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan

For more information, please contact

Tel: (852) 2810 0065

Email: info@10chancerylanegallery.com


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