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Saviors by Sea


Mohawk ship. More detail

While we were waiting to come into the Island, an American Drill ship named: Mohawk came by, saw us and picked us up and took us all to Singapore on the night of April 9th and we were taken into the Camp the next morning.....

President Madison


On 16 July 1982, On a passage from Hong Kong toward Singapore. SS President Madison rescues 36 Vietnamese refugees and brought them into Singapore

USS Roark

USS Roark (FF 1053)

On 17 May 1990, USS Roark (FF-1053) rescued 42 Vietnamese refugees from an unseaworthy craft in the South China Sea. She was decommissioned in 1991 and was scrapped in 2004. Note, Roark was originally classified as a destroyer escort, (DE 1053), and was reclassified as a frigate in 1975.

Courtesy of USS Roark facebook
USS Beaufort

USS Beaufort (ATS-2

On 26 May 1990, USS Beaufort (ATS-2) rescued 24 Vietnamese refugees in the South China Sea.

Courtesy of Beaufort facebook
USS Cimarron

USS Cimarron

July 25,1990 - USS Cimarron rescues 25 refugees adrift southeast of Subic Bay, Philippines.

USS Merrill

USS Merrill

On 21 August 1980, while on a Western Pacific Ocean deployment, Merrill rescued 62 Vietnamese refugees, over 200 miles southeast of Saigon.

Courtesy of Merrill facebook

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