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Saviors by Sea


AE-26 Kilauea

On 30 January 1980, AE-26 Kilauea rescued 67 Vietnamese refugees in the South China Sea.

Courtesy of Kilauea
USS Worden

CG-18 Worden

On 22 April 1980, CG-18 Worden rescued 44 Vietnamese refugees in the South China Sea.

Long Beach

CGN-9 Long Beach

On 1 May 1980, CGN-9 Long Beach rescued 107 Vietnamese refugees about 250 miles southeast of Saigon.

On 7 Jan 1980, Rescued 114 refugees ("boat people") off Vietnam

Courtesy of Long Beach

Courtesy of navysite
Blue Ridge

LCC-19 Blue Ridge

On 6 October 1980, LCC-19 Blue Ridge, rescued 91 refugees.

Courtesy of Blue Ridge

TAO 107 Passumpsic

On 22 August 1980, TAO 107 Passumpsic, guided by P-3 aircraft from Patrol Squadrons 26 and 1, rescued 28 refugees.

Courtesy of Passumpsic

Courtesy of wonderful-us-navy


This is the ship that rescued me on September, 1984 and took me and the other 13 members of our fishing boat to Singapore.

Cetra Corona

Cetra Corona

I was rescued by a French Boat called "Cetra Corona". It was a commercial vessel. We stayed at the camp in Singapore from July to October 1982, at "Nha Tre". I went to France and later was sponsored to the US.


TAOT-175 Sealift Arctic

On 27 October 1980, TAOT-175 Sealift Arctic rescued 300 refugees 240 miles southeast of Saigon.

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