Koh Kra: "Hell on Earth"

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From Ha Cuong

1. I am looking to locate a Japanese man. His name is Koga Mitchihiro ,he was an engineer volunteer for the Japanese Volunteer Center (JVC) working around camps in Thailand such as Songkhla, Panat Nikhorn, NW9, Sikhiu from 1980 - 1982. Koga was 30 years old in 1980, and working in Songkhla.

2. The second person I'd like to find is an American man named Mark Steiner (last name may be misspelled )
Mark was working to help dig a well in Songkhla, and there was an accident. One of the vietnamese refugees (named Huyen Quay Vo) was buried in sand and died. Mark buried Vo in the Songkhla city cemetery and later visited Vo's grave. Mark was from Denver, CO. I think Mark was about 25 years old in 1980

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