Remembering the Vietnamese exodus

1954 Vietnam Exodus Operation 'Passage to Freedom' 1975, after the end of the Vietnam War

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Boat people:

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  • On August 9, 1978, somewhere off the coast of Vietnam, the ship rescued two boats of refugees, for a total of 77 people.
  • On 8 November, FF-1067 Francis Hammond rescued 85 refugees 200 miles southeast of the Vietnamese coast.
  • The enclosed picture is of the first boat, before his captain, Commander James E. Auer, gave the people in the boat permission to come aboard his ship.

Thomas said: "That day, I was never more proud of my ship and its captain, my navy, and my country. And I thought that the Vietnamese in the boat were brave (including a very old woman in her eighties)".

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Courtesy of boat people.org

Courtesy of http://www.history.navy.mil/library/online/humanitarian.htm#rescues
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